March 17, 2010

Check Check & Check

gas? check

heartburn? check

tiny bit of nausea? check

hungry 24/7? check

peeing 24/7? check

heightened sense of smell? check

I am AMAZED at how early on all this came (most of it the last day or two, some of it a few days ago)... because my first pg I didnt get any symptoms until like a month in.

And you know what? I LOVE every minute of it! Sure, give me heartburn, I COULD CARE LESS! Need to pee every five minutes? YEP! Gladly!

Blood draw was today, but I won't get the results back until tomorrow afternoon or even Friday morning. OB wants to wait to get the results back to see if he needs to order another draw. I don't know... something just feels.... different (better) about this one. We shall see!



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