February 22, 2010

Appointment Recap

I should have updated on Friday but I'm a slacker!

Well, week one of my new appt/work schedule down and I have to say I'm loving it! If I have to be working (which I wish we could afford for me to NOT work but that's just not possible) then I'd rather be getting off at 4. Even though most days I'm going to an appt it just makes me feel like I have so much more time in the afternoons to get stuff done!

On Wed I had my regular appt with Dr. C - everything looked good! We talked a little about how my first NST went and how they'd look from here on out. Baby GB's heart rate was 140, my blood pressure was normal, and my belly was actually measuring at 33 weeks (I was 34 weeks, 3 days). She also told me that sometime in the next two or three weeks (while I'm at the hospital anyway for my NST) that I need to make my way up to Labor & Delivery to pre-register. I didn't realize this was a huge ordeal but apparently it's not something I want to be doing while I'm in labor :)

On Friday was my second NST at the hospital, we did the movement test again that I talked about in my
last post. It went MUCH faster this time - although Baby GB was asleep again - I let her know after only about 2 minutes when I hadn't really felt him wiggle that I'd need some cold water which woke him right up and he seemed to entertain himself in there kicking away.

After that I went back out to the waiting room while they got a room ready for my ultrasound. Ya know, I'm not one to usually be self conscious or care that Mr GB can't make it to most of our appts but as I walked back out to a younger couple making out, an older couple holding hands, and another couple; I felt a little awkward being a singleton?! First of all I wanted to tell the younger couple to get a room... and second when I got home I made sure that Mr GB would be in attendance this Friday :)

Anyway, they called me back again and I have to say it was very exciting to see Baby GB again - it's been almost 15 weeks since our last ultrasound! Time sure has flown! Turns out he's in perfect head down position and he was even sucking his thumb when she first turned it on. I didn't realize but I even got to see him in 3D! Those kind of ultrasounds are amazing! She kept trying to erase shadows and let me get a better view of his little face - he's got super cute chubby cheeks and I even think he's going to have Mr GB's nose :) I was hoping to get another glimpse of the "goods" but he wasn't willing to show off - plus things are a little more cramped in there these days and his feet were all the way up by his head! Flexible little guy! It only lasted about 10 minutes but it was so beautiful! I kind of forgot the real reason we were having the ultrasound was to check the amniotic fluid levels which only took her about 2 minutes and she said everything looked great. So, without further adu - here's 34 Week, 5 Day old Baby GB :)



Jen J. said...

Ahhh, he's so cute!! I'm so excited for you!! Can't believe it's so close now. :)


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