January 25, 2010

Two Week Waiting.

I didn't really know how to prepare myself for my first charted two week wait. I've read a million and one posts about phantom symptoms, but I'm too level-headed for that. Or at least I like to tell myself that I am.

Today I'm 9DPO. I was relatively happy with the way my chart looked up until this morning. I had a pretty big temp drop, still above the coverline, but I'm ready to count myself out this cycle. I am cramping and I feel like AF is on her way. I realize it's pretty early to prepare for the worst. I think this is my defense mechanism. Instead of getting my hopes up, I'm being realistic and expecting and AF. That way, there are no let downs.

I had a fun day yesterday. I spent it with an adorable 11-month old little girl. She is the daughter of one of my good friend's sister. Yesterday was the first time I met her, but I must have a way with babies, since she spent the entire day on my lap. That was not good for a girl waiting to POAS! We had Chinese for dinner, and her mom caught me really off guard. She opened up her fortune cookie, pretended to read it, and said "The person directly across from you is pregnant." Neither her nor my friend are aware that Mr. Sassy Bud and I are TTC. I think my face was a mix of shock and horror until I realized she was joking.

My fortune was interesting. Last night I thought it may have even meant something.

"Good beginning is half done."

What a perfect fortune for someone halfway through their 2ww!

Ahh, well. Maybe next cycle will be better.


Ms. Understood said...

Well, I hope her "fortune" was absolutely correct. Good luck!!!


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