January 19, 2010

Taking the Next Step

It's funny how once you want to have a baby and are actively TTC all those signals your body was giving you before, that you just ignored, are now flashing at you like a neon sign in Las Vegas. Who knew ovulation pain could be so significant? Man my ovaries were trying to tell me something the past 48 hours. You better believe Mr.Travel Bud and I acted on that sign.

I'm trying to be more proactive than that, though. Even though my cycles have been like clockwork the past 7 months I don't trust the thought of my O-date always being the same. It would be normal if you had a 28 day cycle to ovulate on the CD14 but I just don't trust it. Like this month I felt O-pain on the right side on Sunday and then on the left side yesterday. I want to get this timing thing down as best as possible so I bought OPKs at Walgreens yesterday. When I went home to test it wasn't quite positive yet but we BD'd anyway but I'm hoping today I get the full green light and then we'll BD again tonight. :)

More and more each day I just think about being a Mom and how I feel it's just something that will come so naturally to me. I know that might sound kind of dumb. But sometimes I feel that women were designed to be mothers. There's just this connection that I feel whenever I hold a baby and when people I know see me interacting with a baby, they always comment that I look like such a natural.

My ute is dying to have a baby inside. I can just tell. Everyone at my work is nagging me about the fact that I need to have the next baby. I'm working on it ladies, I'm working on it. Hopefully this cycle is successful.

This baby is a work in progress.



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