January 26, 2010

Nature Bud Plants a Seed - An Introduction

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From the earliest days of our dating history, Mr. Nature Bud and I have been talking about how excited we are to someday be parents. He’ll coach Pop Warner football. I’ll come up with crazy cooking activities, like make-your-own colored ravioli night. We’ll take our Little Nature Bud hiking and camping all over New England, showing them the wonders of the outdoors before they even know what being dirty means. They’ll ski before they enter school, and always be warm with love and happiness. When we talk about it, our eyes glaze over with hope and excitement. And now that the time has finally come, we can barely contain ourselves with the dreams of a future family taking seed. We see it as a fantastic adventure, and can’t wait for the ride to begin!

We got married in July 2007, and right around the time of our 2nd anniversary, we decided to toss the birth control in the trash. It wasn’t something we’d been planning a long time, more just a feeling that the time had come to move on to our next step in life. Those first few weeks of baby-dancing with no barriers were exhilarating and exciting – just knowing that we could be creating a little life together.

We went at it “sorta trying” to avoid through the fall, and come December decided to attack this beast head-on. I’ve been charting since July, and used OPKs and intentional timing in December, but no BFP yet. We’re optimistic and hopeful that when the time comes, a Little Nature Bud will start to bloom between us. For now, we’re just enjoying the ride and dreaming together about the family we hope to have.


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