January 21, 2010

Is It Just Me...

Or when you're trying to get pregnant, does it seem like everyone around you is suddenly getting knocked up?

Like everyone else can, but not you?


One of my clients told me today that she's pregnant and she may quit her job next fall so she can stay home with the baby. She's 14 weeks along.

And one of our couple friends from college just told everyone that they're expecting Baby Number 1 -- and the wife has already quit her job to stay home. She posts on Facebook all day about how she wishes she looked *more* pregnant. Seriously? Who wishes they could look *more* pregnant?

And there are numerous other friends and acquaintances who either are expecting or have just given birth.

Would it be crazy to de-friend all of the pregnant people I know on Facebook?

I'm a bitter, impatient woman.

--End of Rant-- :)


Anonymous said...

OMG it's like they come in spurts!!! I know like 15 girls pg right now.... de-friend away :)

Jen J. said...

LOL NB, you're a trip! But to answer your Q - yes, it seems like EVERYONE is pg when you're TTC!

Nerdy Bud said...

Hehe! Thanks for your support ladies! I'm much better now, it was just a *really* tough day! <3


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