January 12, 2010

I don't have a good feeling...

In one of my recent posts I talked about my options on going back to work after Baby GB is born.

Well, we finally made a decision that I think works best for the Glow Bud house - option 2!!! This was the option to keep my current position but go down to working 30 hours per week. With this option Mr. GB will be able to stay home one day with Baby GB and then we'll alternate daycare and in-home care from our neighbor for the remaining 3 days.

Since I like to have things in writing for my own personal reference, I outlined this in an e-mail to my boss. I first sent the e-mail last Thursday... I didn't hear back.

Not too concerned about it when I got to work on Monday I needed to let my boss know of my upcoming 3 hour glucose test (more on this in another post!) and to let her know when my next monthly appointment was so when I e-mailed her on that I included a note asking if we could discuss my previous e-mail. She responded right back that she has a meeting with HER boss to discuss it... hmmm... ok.

So today, said meeting with boss was first thing in the morning and shortly after I get another e-mail scheduling a "sit down" for tomorrow morning. For some reason, I have a bad feeling about this sit down.

Wish me luck!

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