January 23, 2010

Baby Shower!

I got so caught up in Glucose Hell that I completely forgot to post about my fabulous baby shower that my mom & my sister threw for me!!! It was Jan 17th at my mom's house and we had so much fun. It was so good to see all my family - it would have been nice to see my girlfriends but now-a-days we are spread all the way out from Virginia to Texas to Oregon and all over Washington so I totally understand!

First of all, they went with mexican food - which I of course couldn't get enough of! Between the Cornbread Taco Casserole, taquitos, chips, salsa, and guac... lets just say I'm glad I hadn't gotten my Gestational Diabetes diagnosis beforehand!!!

The first game we played was a baby word scramble - I tell you what some ladies were very saavy at unscrambling these words! Me? Not even the easiest of words could I get!!! Who knew what a Layette was anyway??? Is that like a bassinett cause I do have one of those??? Ha-Ha

Second game was HILARIOUS - my sister took newborn diapers and melted a different candy bar in each. They then get passed around and everyone has to guess which candy bar is in each... via smell, texture and **ahem** taste (for the oh so brave!). So funny...
Then they had everyone take a piece of yarn to guess how big I am around my belly... all I have to say is I'm glad I was only 30 weeks and we didn't have the shower 6 weeks down the road as some of the guests may just have been right - but for now... THANKS GUYS... THANKS! :)

And... PRESENTS!!!! Seriously I'm so thankful for everything everyone picked out. I can't wait for Baby GB to make use of everything!
And last but not least - I'll leave you with the best picture of the day... I love my dad! :)

More to come on the Gestational Diabetes diagnosis in my next post!!! (I think I have a little bit bigger outlook now that I've met with my nutritionist.. thank goodness!)


Jen J. said...

LMAO...I literally started cracking up seeing the pic of you & your Dad!! I'm so happy you had a great time & got some great gifts! :o)

Ms. Understood said...

The shower sounds like it was great. That cake looks delicious!!!! Your dad seems like a fun guy. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy.

Blessed Bud said...

Love the pic og you and your Dad ;)


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