December 29, 2009

Things I've learned while being KU - 2nd Tri Addition

Wow - as I come to the end of my 2nd trimester (I'm now 27 weeks baby!!!) I thought about what I've learned since the oh so early 1st tri...
  • When you really start to show - it's gets really difficult to get the last of the clothes out of the back of the dryer. Or the dishwasher...
  • Shopping for your unborn child is WAY more fun than shopping for yourself (and I LOVE to shop for myself!). Thankfully, kids clothes are way cheaper - too bad they grow out of them so fast!
  • I've officially lost track of my woo hah - I know it's general vicinity still but seeing it without a mirror (let alone doing any grooming down there) is out of the question. Oh, and unless you have really long arms - the reach to **ahem** wipe after using the restroom is slowly getting more difficult.
  • Feeling Baby GB tumble around in my belly feels a lot different than I ever could have imagined it would feel. Sometimes it's still just flutters and others its way more forceful thumps. It's a wonder that my insides aren't completely bruised from the somersaults Baby GB seems to be doing in there.
  • Bending down to shave my legs is almost impossible. I imagine I've got a good one or two more weeks left to have smooth legs.
  • Watching movies like Knocked Up just aren't as funny while you are, well, knocked up?! Especially when they throw in that surprise crowning shot out of no where?! CLOSE YOUR EYES!
  • Thankfully I'm fairly small still so complete strangers are just starting to notice and ask when I'm due in the last few weeks. No one has reached out and touched my belly (besides family and without asking first) but I've decided I might just have to throw some elbows if this starts happening.
  • And last but not least - at this point people really genuinely care about your well being. But that's only because you have a little baby in your belly. As soon as that little guy pops out I imagine all the attention is going to shift to him so I'm trying to get used to that idea now! :)


Courtney said...

A big ditto on your third bullet point! Keeping up with that area is now impossible. It bugs me, but what are you gonna do about it?!

Jen J. said... funny GB! Great post. :o)


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