December 1, 2009

My apologies...

For being away for so long!

I truly hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving. For the first time in my life, my Thanksgiving was celebrated at Mr. Snow Bud's family friend's home, instead of my own families. I will admit, there were a few points during dinner that I wanted to burst into tears, I was so homesick. All in all, it was a good time though. I was able to see snow, which made my heart happy!

We drove to Ohio (14 hours) to see Mr. Snow Bud's mom, he hadn't seen her in 4 years! It was so nice to FINALLY meet her. They have a somewhat distant relationship, but she was such a sweet lady.

We are still TTA. We talked to a financial advisor last week, who said that in his mind, we are doing great. He thought we had smart investments, a good amount in savings, his only advice/critique of our finances was that it seemed that we spent a lot of money on "stupid" stuff. His suggestion? Allot a certain amount of spending money each week, take that exact amount from the checking account in the form of cash, and only spend cash. He said that lots of people get in over their heads because it is very easy to swipe a debit card. So, we are going ahead with that plan. It's amazing how fast your money goes when you are holding it! There are still a few little things he suggested before trying for a baby, and we are going to dutifully follow his advice.

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I hope everyone is staying warm during the holidays!

Until next time,
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