November 30, 2009

Music to my ears!

We got to hear Baby Hopeful Bud's heart beat this morning for the first time. It was right at 160 bpm and was the most wonderful sound that I have ever heard. I smiled the whole time and Mr. Hopeful Bud stood there taking a recording smiling from ear to ear. Up until today I had been so jealous of so many other ladies getting ultra sounds on their first visits, but today all of those feelings just went away and I was in love! I heard my baby's heart beating and it just made it so real. My pregnancy symptoms have been so minimal that at times I was worried. Not any more. I got to hear my baby's heart beating today. (Did I mention that already? :) )

It's hard to believe that this is the last week in the first trimester. Baby HB is the size of a peach.

I'll report more after I come down off my cloud.
Take care and stay hopeful!
:) Hopeful Bud


Anonymous said...

Such a great sound!!! Congrats!


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