November 23, 2009

May Be MIA for Awhile

I may be a bit absent from this blog over the next month. Not that I don't love you all (and thanks for the comments on my last post) but we are FINALLY selling our home and having to move during this busy holiday season, so my access to the computer will be very limited. I will try to post if I can, but I wanted to let you all know why I won't be here as much for a little while. I plan to be back in 2010! I am so grateful that God found buyers for our home after a year and 4 months on the market. I am so excited to start the hunt for our forever home, the home we will bring our child home to and raise in! Thank you all so much, and I promise to do my best and stay in touch!
Faith, Love and Baby Flutters,
Brainy Bud



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