November 4, 2009

Disappointed to say the very least.

So, in my last post, I mentioned that Mr. Snow Bud was sick, and that BD'ing during O would probably not happen... To say the least.

Yesterday Mr. Snow Bud received an email at work, basically stating that they have been overpaying him, and we now have to pay them back a few thousand dollars. They are the military, so apparently YES they can do this.

One of our goals to meet before TTC was to have X amount of dollars in our savings account. We pinched and saved and cut back on luxuries, and finally met that goal. Until yesterday.

Mr. Snow Bud came to me last night, asking if we should think about putting TTC on hold, until we are once again where we want to be with our savings account.

I understand what he's saying, I really do. In order to put that money into savings in the first place, we cut back on a lot of "fun" things. I rarely go shopping, he rarely goes out with the guys, we don't do coffee every morning, we order in more vs. going out because it's cheaper, etc. It wasn't easy. We were talking last night, saying how a part of feels as though we don't think about ourselves selfishly anymore, we don't decide to buy that new shirt, or to go out to lunch with friends, because we have less money. We are a single income family, and saving money is not an easy task.

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So, now we have to make the decision. Do we put TTC on hold, once again sit on ourselves until we have the money re-saved? I know it's only a matter of a few months, but it is SUCH a let down. Part of me doesn't care, part of me is screaming that we will be okay, that we DO have enough in savings, that because of Mr. Snow Buds career, we do have free health care, my pregnancy essentially will not cost us anything, that he is in no danger of losing his job, that we still have a good amount of money in savings, and that we will be FINE. The other part of me knows that as a financially responsible adult, we should probably wait, re-save, and start TTC again, later. I know that once you do have a child, if this sort of thing happens, you don't have as easy an opportunity to save money like we do now.

So, here I am. Super bummed, conflicted, annoying, heartbroken. Mr. Snow Bud called last week and made an appointment with a financial planner on base to talk more about retirement plans, but I think now I'll tag along and possibly have them look in from the outside, and find out what is feasible for us.

Needless to say, Cycle #4 is definitely not going to be my cycle.


Domestic Princess said...

Oh no! Maybe sit down and try to figure out how much longer it's going to resave that chunk of money. See if you two can come to a compromise. Don't forget, you still have 9 more months after you get pregnant to keep working on the savings acccount.

Daisy Bud said...

This may be bad, but I would just continue TTC. Maybe pick up a part time job in the meantime to help make up that difference faster..

Chef Bud said...

I'm also going to say what may not be the most financially responsible thing...but I wouldn't stop either. I thought I would be pg right away and here I am on cycle 9 still trying. You never know how long it will take, and like Domestic Princess said, you still have 9 months once you actually get pregnant!

Snow Bud said...

Thanks ladies, Mr. Snow Bud and I are going to talk to the financial advisor in a few weeks, and go from there. I'm sure he's seen at all, and could probably lay it out for us in terms of what may work. I really appreciate the comments!!


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