November 1, 2009

97.7 is my number

Over the last few cycles of charting, I'm come to quickly realize that a temp of 97.7 at the end of my cycle, is a dead giveaway that AF will be showing up!

To me that means there is no point in wasting a test. So I'll patiently wait for AF to show. Heck I even MADE SURE that I bought tests yesterday while I was out and about. That seems like a guarantee to encourage AF to show up. Ugh she is suck a wicked witch.

I knew that this cycle wouldn't be ideal given that Mr. Sunshine Bud had several performance issues on what I deemed to be the "critital dates". Oh well!

Our re-scheduled RE appt. will take place this Wednesday in the late afternoon. I'll just be happy to hear the findings and results and to build a game plan. That's all I can do at this point.

Thank you readers and fellow Buds for your love and support.

Until next time,
Sunshine Bud



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