October 29, 2009

What Next!!!!

We just got the news that the cost of health insurance at Mr. Daisy Bud is going to skyrocket and the coverage is going to be much less. So much less that we're not sure if we will be able to afford to continue the insurance with them. That's where the trouble lies. All of the private insurance plans require you to be on them for 18 months before being pregnant. Plus with the additional medical cost I don't know what we should really be doing.
I guess we'll just have to see what happens this cycle since I'm within a day or so of Oing anyways. I really don't want to have to stop TTC, but I'm really not sure of any other options.


emmypants said...

What insurance makes you be with them 18 months before you can get pregnant!?!??!?! DH & I are on Blue Cross and pregnancy is covered immediatly, it's not considered a pre-existing condiction. That really sucks, is there anyway you can get insurance through a different company, or a different plan?


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