October 5, 2009

Update to CD 3 Bloodwork and Ultrasound

So yesterday (Sunday) was cycle day 3 for me, which meant a trip to the RE to have my blood drawn as I mentioned in this post located here.  I also had my CD 3 ultrasound done too.  I didn't have any pain or discomfort during the u/s.  I also didn't experience any cramping during or after the procedure either.  The u/s was completed within about 10 minutes which was nice too.

The nurse told me that the ultrasound showed 10 follicles on the left side and 20 follicles on the right side!  My lining measured 3.7 mm and NO cysts!  That is all great news and the lining is exactly what they'd expect or want to see on CD 3.

My HSG is scheduled for mid-day Friday, Oct 9th.  And Mr. Sunshine Bud's SA will be completed on Wednesday.

We will then just have a long wait until Weds. Oct 28th for our follow-up consult with our RE.  That is when we will found out my blood test results and Mr. Sunshine's SA results along with next steps.

That's it for now!

Have a great week!
Sunshine Bud



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