October 29, 2009

Stress free is the way to be!

So, my last post I talked about the debate on whether or not to chart. I wasn't sure, I was going back and forth, and when the time came?

I took a break.

stress free:)) Pictures, Images and Photos

I cannot tell you how nice it's been for me. Mr. Snow Bud and I have been BD'ing because we want to, not because we think it's good timing. I have been sleeping better than I have the last few months, and it's SO wonderful. For this month, I feel as though I'm really going with the flow. To me, it would be the best way to conceive our child. I would love nothing more than to begin the journey to mommy-hood in a stress free body, with a clear mind and a patient heart.

I do need to say, because I think this is hilarious, that Mr. Snow Bud has been holding off on "releasing" anything during BD. He says he's saving it up for the positive OPK test day. Whatever Mr. Snow Bud, suit yourself! :]

I posted on my favorite TTC message board about taking a break. Some people advised me against it, some people said to go for it. Some people knew how stressed charting had made me and urged me to not chart this month. I do believe that to each their own, and I do think that I will pick charting back up next month, if we don't get our BFP this month.

Either way, I feel like letting out a big sigh of relief.


Until next time,
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