October 8, 2009

Still waiting . . .

I'm really trying to be optimistic, I swear. I'm just having a hard time relaxing at this point. I'd like to get some blood work, maybe see a heart beat, something that can give me hope that it's ok to look at maternity clothes, or, baby books even. I just don't want to get all into this and then get disappointed if something happens.

I'm hoping this will get better as I get through the 1st trimester, but, I think it's true when they say that you're never really out of the woods. I think I'll be worrying about my child every day of his or her life! So . . . even when pregnancy ends, the worrying won't.

I go to the doctor a week from today - I'll be 5 weeks and 5 days. I'm hoping that the cysts I have will have shrunk or done something. I've been having some horrible pain on both sides (where my ovaries and their cysts are) the past few days. Today has been fine. I'm not sure if pregnancy is aggravating the cysts or if the pain was always this bad but I drowned myself in Advil to mask the pain hehe!

Wish me luck that I get to see a heartbeat (even though I know it might be too early . . . I'm still hoping)!

--Book Bud


Chef Bud said...

I can imagine it must be hard at the beginning before you see the doctor. I hope that your week flies by and your appointment is hear before you know it!

Also, I'm pretty sure advil is on the list of what not to take when pregnant...I think tylenol is the only painkiller doctors recommend.

Chef Bud said...

Ok, that should say "here". I hate typos =)

Obsessive Bud said...

Oh man the wait has got to be killing you! I can't wait to read your next update!

Book Bud said...

Haha - that wasn't very clear. I was saying that I would drown myself in Advil BEFORE I was pregnant - which is why I was wondering if the pain is much worse now since I'm not taking anything.

Thanks - and - I hope my week flies by too :)

Chef Bud said...

Ahhhhh, gotcha! I read it wrong the first time :)


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