October 29, 2009

The results are in...

I am over the moon.

Here is the recap... last night after dinner I tell Mr. Bud that we might be knocked up. and I'm so proud of him when he asked me.. 'How are your temps?" to tell you the truth I never thought he was actually paying attention when I would tell him about the temps and all of that. So I showed him the graph how yesterday's temp went up and he smiled. Then tells me that he's not going to be able to sleep until we know for sure and of course I caved in and told him we have 1 digital left from our m/c. He looked at me with the face saying what the hell are you waiting for Go!!! and I tested :)

This is our second cycle trying after our m/c and I used OPK's to try to pinpoint my O date. After ovulation I had non stop cramping on my right side for a week and a half, and then on 8 DPO and then very light spotting on 9 DPO which I was hoping it was implantation spotting.

Tomorrow Im going to the Doctors to draw blood for my beta levels and then again on Monday. I am praying that they are doubling and we have a healthy sticky baby.


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