October 21, 2009

How long does it take for sperm

to reach the egg? A few weeks ago I read this amazing article that was posted on my favorite board that it explains how it takes sperm about 3-4 days for implantation. Click HERE for a great visual Slide show that explains this procedure.

After reading this article I think that it really does not matter if you BD on your o date or worry that you missed your O date. As long as you BD a few days before so that your DH's little guys can live in there until your egg is released.

This week has been a pretty good week... For the first time ever I had a + OPK (From OPK from Amazon.com) and I think/hope we had good timing.

Here is my chart (it is also linked under my profile on the right hand side):

This month I started to have really sharp cramps on Sunday night until Monday, something that I've never had before. Not like period cramps, but a cramp that felt as if my lower stomach was being stretched. Odd.

Update... We have began on our Master bedroom makeover!!!! I'm so excited, I cant wait to revile it to you guys.

Here is a before pic (right when we were able to move into our home):

And here is one of my Inspiration picture:


Now comes the longest 2 weeks until I can POAS...

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