October 1, 2009

Every family has nuts some just don't fall far from the tree

Well right now I am 10 weeks and just waiting for my next doctors appointment and just experiencing the same symptoms I have been. Nausea,tender breasts and fatigue.

So I thought now would be the perfect time to talk a little about family and how sometimes they are just a bit nutty. Now don't get me wrong because I love my family but sometimes they are just too much.

To start off we'll talk a bit about my stepmother. When I was a junior in high school my dad and stepmother got together. She had just had a baby and very shortly thereafter she and my dad were expecting my baby brother. When I was a senior in high school my father and stepmother had my brother and then got married. Flash forward nearly 18 years, I have gotten married and am expecting my 1st child. My stepmother is freaked out by the fact that she is going to be a grandma. She is younger than my dad and only 8 years older than me. I realize that becoming grandma at 43 is a bit scary but I am more than old enough to have a baby. If it were my 18 year old stepsister or 17 year old brother about to make her a grandmother I would totally get the freak out but I am just not being understanding because it is me and find it ridiculous that she is acting for lack of a better term so bratty about it all.

Then we have my mom. My mother is a very kind loving person and would do anything for me including drive me to the brink of insanity. She was Momzilla when we were planning my wedding and while I was grateful for her help I had to remind her that it was my wedding more than once. Well now she keeps getting on me about Mr. Daffodil Bud and whether or not he's chosen a boys name yet. I have had a girls name picked for many years and mom knows it. She is just concerned that if Mr. Daffodil Bud doesn't come up with a boys name then when we have an ultrasound that it will end up being a boy. She really wants the baby to be a girl and is calling the baby by my girls name when she refers to it.

Next we have my mother in law. As far as mother in laws go I have pretty much hit the jackpot when it comes to someone who I know cares about me and I can feel comfortable around. The thing that she is doing every time I am around her is trying to feed me more food. She keeps insisting I need more because I am eating for two. I keep telling her that I don't need an extra candy bar, slice of pizza, etc. because I am not hungry for it and trust me when I need extra I start feeling like starving marvin. She is good about what she calls the baby though one time its granddaughter then the next its grandson. She is at least waiting until we have the ultrasound to permanently start calling it s/he.

And for this installment of the nutty family chronicles we have dear Mr. Daffodil Bud himself.

I asked him to come up with a boys name seeing as how I had a girls name already picked (that he has already agreed to). He is a wee bit redneck and works in a shop with some that are more than a wee bit redneck. So one night he comes home and says he had a name. So I asked him what it was. He says Cooter Billy Bob. Um nope try again so then he asks how about Jorge Jesus and I had to ask him which one of us was Hispanic. Not that there is anything technically wrong with that name but Mr. Daffodil Bud and I are two very pale skinned ethnic mutts. So we are still at square one on a boys name.

And for not having much to say this post got long in an instant. Thank you for reading about my nutty(and mostly lovable) family.


Flora Bud said...

Love your post!!

LOL at Your dh name choice, I think you should help him out or give him some samples. Sometimes our husbands are so clueless.

Flora Bud said...
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Daffodil Bud said...

Oh I have tried to give him a push in an acceptable direction but I don't think he is figuring that out just yet.

Jen J. said...

LMAO Jorge Jesus?! I love it...tell your H he is fired from naming any children, lol.


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