October 16, 2009

Don't Mess With the Pregnant Chick

The title says it all... If I weren't KU I'm sure Mr. GB would be ready to throw me out on my behind. Maybe not, but I'm sure that I am testing his patience lately.

I'm officially 16 weeks and 4 days pregnant. For the most part it's been very easy going and up until the last 2 or 3 weeks I've kept my hormones in check. We've had a few tiffs but they've been minor and nothing to really speak of. I've also had the occasional bout of uncontrollable tears, mostly in the privacy of my own company if I think too much about - "OMG are we READY for this?" or "Can I handle this?"

Last night took the cake though! If you care to hear about my irrational, hormonal, and unreasonable behavior; read on:

So I've been having some issues with basically anything sounding good to eat lately. Not that anything makes me sick, just that nothing sounds good. That in itself annoys Mr. GB, because I'm usually the one who gets home first and has dinner planned and started by the time he walks in the door. Recently, I find myself standing in front of our pantry or at the grocery store with no clue what to eat. Nothing sounds good and I have no motivation to cook. On a number of nights he's walked in the door to find me still staring cluelessly into the freezer?!

Yesterday, we had both just gotten paid and I knew he was leaving for the weekend so I thought to myself; Mexican sounds good. I'll suggest we go up to the Mexican restaurant! In walks Mr. GB who tells me he is tired, has already worked 40 hours this week and it's only Thursday; he just wants to relax. So he suggests I go to the grocery store, get a frozen meal of enchiladas and we make our own rice and beans. He also mentions we already have chips and homemade salsa and that we shouldn’t be spending money on going out.

Mrs. GB now transforms into Preggzilla.

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Long story short - Mr. GB ended up eating the frozen meal sans rice, beans, chips or salsa - Mrs. GB ended up eating a frozen pizza. The enchiladas looked gross and I wanted REAL Mexican.

Right now I just have to look back and laugh because I honestly think, who WAS that crazy person last night crying over MEXICAN FOOD! Yes followers, I was bawling...

...please help me make it through this?!?!


Daffodil Bud said...

a friend here at work said you never argue with a pregnant woman I like that :)


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