September 3, 2009

The waiting game...

really stinks! lol. We are now 4 weeks & 2 days!!! I made our first appointment to see baby faith bud!!! We don't go in until October 8th though! I was hoping they would see me sooner but alas more waiting! I guess we've waited this long then what's another month right? Nothing really new to report just yet. I definitely have the beginnings of m/s & food aversions! I can't eat anything sweet, which for me is hard, because I have a serious sweet tooth but it just makes me sick! And I have been craving meat! Meatloaf, burgers, pork chops, you name it!

On another note so far I LOVE the new Dr's office. I spoke with a nurse yesterday when I scheduled my appointment and she gave me some good pointers on beating m/s, suggested I take an additional folic acid supplement to reduce the likelihood of another m/c and answered all the questions I had. I know I've had a baby before but it's been a LONG time since I had a healthy pregnancy!!! New Dr is sending me for a new Beta today & again on Saturday. Should have all the results by Monday.

Mr. Faith Bud has decided he doesn't want to know the sex of the baby.... I'm not totally convinced on that. I'm a planner & feel like I HAVE to know everything! I guess once we get to the 20 week ultrasound we will decide! We have decided on a theme for the nursery though and it will work either way! We are doing a jungle animal theme. If it's a boy it will be more Monkeys & if it's a girl most likely more Giraffes & Elephants. I am making all of the bedding and things needed for the nursery. I ordered a few books from Amazon & can't wait for them to get here. I also have a few patterns for baby outfits that I'm going to try my hand at. I can do basic sewing but I'm thinking of taking a sewing class to improve. Mr. Faith Bud & I found some amazing mechanic fabric & a dresser that looks like a mechanic tool chest (Mr. Faith Bud is a mechanic) but that will only work if he changes his mind about finding out the sex!

Here's a picture for your humor!



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