September 2, 2009

Not much new

Right now I'm waiting to O. I have such good feelings about this cycle. First, it would lead to a June due date. After having a July baby last time around, I would prefer not to be pregnant over the majority of the summer. (But for another sweet little Daisy Bud, I would be willing to suffer through another summer pregnancy if I have to.)

Me, last pregnancy, two days before little Daisy Bud #1 was born. Huge and Uncomfortable.

Two, we would just barely end up with two under two. A much less scary prospect.

Three, with many teachers in both my family and Mr. Daisy Bud's family, we would have plenty of available help for Little Daisy Bud #1 and the new little bud.

I really shouldn't let myself get this excited about this particular cycle. Does anyone else talk yourself into why a certain cycle would be the "perfect" timing?


Brainy Bud said...

Um, yes. B/C of some big conferences and banquets in April/May, and B/C DH's college schedule will be lighter in the summer, we decided to wait to the cycles that would make the due date at least June.


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