September 1, 2009

Here a scan, there a scan, everywhere a scan scan...

2 Ultrasounds
4 MRIs
2 Nuclear Scans
1 Guided Biopsy

That's my current tally on radiological studies.

For the past two years, we've known about this baseball sized mass on my liver. The surgeon found it before she took my gallbladder out, and opened this veritable can of worms. I've been scanned upways, sideways, downways, everyways since that day.

I'm so sick of it.

Everyone is fairly convinced that it's not cancer. You would think that would be enough... but apparently that's not the only threat for an otherwise healthy 33 year old girl who wants to get pregnant. Our RE is concerned - he wants a Gastroenterologist (GI) to sign off that it's safe for me to get pregnant.

So, we went off to a new GI guy to get his blessing.

New GI guy wants ONE more scan, ONE more set of bloodwork (as if I'm not already drained from all of the fertility testing). Fine, LAST scan. LAST bloodwork.

That was this morning.

Hopefully this LAST test will confirm what we've been thinking for the past two years; that I have a focal nodular hyperplasia, which is harmless unless it starts growing again (it hasn't). The RE and GI guy are concerned that it will show that it is an adenoma.... which has a high risk of life threatening hemorrhage during pregnancy and would require a liver resection before my RE will touch me.

I don't know why they're panicking.
I'm not. I've read the reports. I know it's an FNH.

But, it's back to waiting anyway.

I really can't take anymore. I'm the healthiest person I know to have all of this freaking testing done. I'm sick of it. How much contrast medium has to be injected? How much radioactive material? This can't be good for my eggs. I'm so done. I'm done with the testing, I'm done with the bloodwork. I'm finished.

I want to get pregnant already. I think it's my turn. I've earned it.

Is it November yet?


Emily & Blake said...

You're right. You SO deserve to have a baby and get a break from all that mess! I'm sorry you've had to endure those things. You're strong and November isn't that far away!

Dandelion Bud said...

thank you for saying that. i really appreciate it.


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