September 18, 2009

The guessing game...

has just began. I know that I should O any day now but my cycle has been all out of whack since the m/c. If I o on the 16Th day like my other normal cycles that means I will o on Monday, which is a great thing since Mr. Bud and I are usually home all Sunday and have plenty of time to make a baby :)

Since I'm not to confident on knowing what day I o I purchased some OPK 's from Amazon to help me pin point the day. However last night I have heard some mixed reviews from other girls saying they never saw a + OPK. Great.

I also started drinking green tea as of Wednesday and I did notice a lot of cm the first day but nothing else since.

I really hope my body gives me some hints when I ovulate some cm, a + OPK.. ANYTHING!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Worry Bud said...

When I first started drinking green tea I didn't think it was working, but as I got closer to O I definitely saw more of it. Definitely saw the difference on the day I O'd - definite EWCM. Also, I use the Amazon test strips & have gotten a positive for the last 2 cycles....they get darker the closer you get to O. When I start seeing them darkening I use them 2x a day. HTH!

Flora Bud said...

Thank you so much!!!! The opk did work, but unfortunately my husband was out of order :( (he was super sick).
OMG... Yes for the green tea!!


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