September 30, 2009

False Symptoms

We are in the 2WW and for any little symptoms I have or feel I keep thinking its because I might be pregnant. With my last BFP I did not have any symptoms until 2-3 days after the positive pregnancy test around 16 DPO. This week I have been dead tired and have had major migraines though out the day. I had stopped drinking coffee but I lately I really need that morning picker upper and still am dragging.

This month we were not able to
BD too close to ovulation because Mr. Bud was very sick after coming home from a business trip, BUT we did BD 3 days before ovulation just like we did the month we got our BFP so this is why I'm keeping some hope that we might have a chance this month. AND there was a beautiful Implantation Dip on 7
DPO. Here is my chart for this cycle: If you are a VIP member of you have access to the Chart Gallery and You are able to compare your to others, over lay your chart to ones that are similar to yours and are able to search through thousands of charts. This is so dangerous and so misleading, you see some perfect charts and some that look just like yours and you start to over analyae everything!!

Hopefully this is our month, and will have a sticky thanksgiving turkey in the oven.


Courtney said...

I have a huge dip like that on my BFP chart. GL and baby dust to you! (panarama99 here - you can see my chart in my nest siggy)

Flora Bud said...

Thank you so much.. keep sending that baby dust!!!
:running to go check out your chart:


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