August 26, 2009

So the journey has begun

Mr Daffodil Bud and I found out August 15th that we are expecting our first little bud. Based on my LMP we are due about April 25th 2010. I don't go to see my OB until August 31st (next Monday).

So the next few days are a waiting game. The only things that are even making me "feel" pregnant are that I have sore boobs, pee what seems like every 5 minutes and if I could would nap 5-6 times a day. Oh and this week I am getting queasy all the time, no actual sickness yet but it is sure to be coming.

So I am (im)patiently waiting for my doctors appointment to confirm things so that I can at least start spilling the beans about our little bud to the family. I told my mother this week because I have a hair and nail appointment on Friday and with as queasy as I have been if I need to tell the stylist to stop I want to be able to tell her why so its not like I am viewed as icky and contagious. My mom and I go to the same stylist and our stylist banks with the credit union my mom works at. If mom had found out from someone other than me or Mr. Daffodil Bud, she would have been devastated.

One of the things that makes me so very nervous about telling too many people early is the fact that my mom had me and then multiple miscarriages after me. I am afraid that this could happen to me. I try not to dwell on this fear and would actually welcome some other pregnancy symptoms just to feel as if things are going well.

Here's hoping my next 9 months are as healthy and happy as they can be.


Anonymous said...

I sure feel ya on welcoming some other symptoms!!! I feel pretty normal other than I can't stay awake!


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