August 24, 2009

Morning Sickness is not for Sissies

Starting last week at about 5 Weeks and 6 days pregnant I started experiencing the beginnings of morning sickness and nausea that Lasts. All. Day. Before I got pregnant I would think to myself, "Ohhh morning sickness, it can't be that bad, what are these girls complaining about - they should be thrilled - they're growing a baby!" I must say I was very sadly mistaken, (not about the latter part - I'm still thrilled!) morning sickness is the devil. I think it's definitely worst in the morning when there's nothing in my stomach, but I honestly haven't felt good since last Tuesday at any point in the day.

Today I hit the wonderful milestone of throwing up in the bathroom at work. I have no idea if anyone heard me but if this keeps going on the office is sure to catch on soon and I really didn't want to break the news until my ultrasound at 11 weeks. Readers, do you have any advice on this?

Luckily Mr. Expat Bud has been amazing at picking up the slack. He's been cooking, cleaning and trying to make me a comfy as possible.

Here's hoping this "healthy glow" passes quickly!

Expat Bud



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