March 31, 2012

30 Weeks

It was another good week. I know all of this isn't fertility related, but I have been thinking a lot about how to prepare for the baby to arrive, not just getting the house ready, but the family as well.  I decided to stop letting the boys (1 and almost 3) have bottles. I know, Little Lucky Bud was a little old for still having bottles, but it was hard with so many around the house for Baby Lucky Bud, so I just let him keep using them too.

Baby Lucky Bud would fall asleep drinking milk, and wake up a few times a night wanting more, or looking for his bottle, and some times I would be so tiered that I would give in, which just kept the problem going. Now they don't get anything to drink in bed. It was hard for the first night since they both are used to falling asleep with a bottle, but the second night was much better, and the third was no problem, and Baby Lucky Bud slept through the night for the first time in his life! Yay! He slept through the night last night too, so we are on a roll! Little Lucky Bud also used to wake up halfway through the night with a soaked through diaper since he drank so much, but that is not a problem any more. Unfortunately I am waking up more than ever since I have to pee a million times in the night, but at least everyone else is getting a good nights sleep! :)

I made a new friend at the fertility clinic in the waiting room after my embryo adoption transfer. She was waiting to go in for her transfer. Unfortunately her cycle failed, and so did the next one, but she received the first beta results for her third and final cycle, and she is pregnant! I am feeling so happy for my friend today, and am so grateful that after all that she has gone through, it was finally worth it.

I originally wanted to post a tummy photo every week so that I had a good record for myself of my pregnancy, but I just don't get around to it half the time anymore. Maybe next week! :)

March 29, 2012

20 down, 20 to go

A sigh of relief...I have reached the 1/2 way point! My next milestone will be 24 weeks when the pregnancy is "viable." Kind of a cold term when talking about whether or not your would survive outside the womb.

Everything is going well. No nausea, heartburn, swelling. I have noticed that my wedding rings are getting a little snug from the weight gain though...I have ceased looking at the scale. My eating habits aren't unruly but in an office full of women, there's always something to snack on. And we've all been under a lot of stress with this new computer system. But I'm trying to incorporate more fruits and yogurt to help balance out the snacking. I'll be taking a belly picture this week so I'll try to post one. Maybe a before (10weeks is as close a one as I have) and an "after."

I'm feeling LO moving a lot more lately and my mom got to feel him move for the first time this past Saturday. She was so cute! =o) Mr. CB hasn't felt him move yet but then again we haven't been able to see each other much lately. He's off next week so hopefully he will get the opportunity. We plan to start discussing nursery plans too! My doctor's office is closed for Good Friday so my mom and I are going to work on my baby registry. I feel like I've waited so long for this and it's kind of surreal to finally get to be able to do these things. Surreal but absolutely wonderful!

March 26, 2012

A week of 9's

It's kind of amazing, actually... Lucky at 29 weeks, Curly at 19... And me? At 9 and counting :)

I officially hit 9 weeks on Wednesday. So far, I'm feeling ok... Mostly just lots of fatigue (or should I say, a constant feeling of exhaustion), but no major nausea, or anything of the sort. My nails are growing longer that ever, and my hair is still a bit greasy, but nothing I can't handle. I also need to mention my sore boobies and frequent trips to bathroom... So far, so good, though :)

I have another appointment with my Dr. this Wednesday. This weekend we are planning to tell a huge portion of our families, so we were waiting until then. I'll be 10 weeks, so we figured that's a good time to tell. We haven't officially decided when to say anything on Facebook... But that's coming soon as well.

The excitement builds more and more everyday... It's so amazing, yet scary at the same time! Especially with a loss in our not to distant path. We will just continue to pray and stay positive. For now, that's all we can do :)

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March 25, 2012

Sittin' Tight.

Not much to say....

I've been on my new BCPs for a week now. Thankfully, this past week flew by!! I'm really hoping that this next one does the same.

I return to my RE's office on April 2nd to see if the cyst has shrunk. Until then, I've been keeping busy with projects around the house. I LOVE Piterest! Is anyone else as addicted as I am? :)

Bossy Bud

March 21, 2012

29 weeks

This week I am 29 weeks pregnant. Still feeling great. No complaints at all. No stretch marks, swelling, heart burn, acne, nausea, sleeping problems... everything is going so well. I am so grateful because I had such a rough first trimester so each day that I feel good feels like such a blessing.

I don't think that I mentioned before that my placenta is attached in the front, so I don't feel our baby kicking as much as someone would with a posterior placenta. Shee has an extra 2 inches to kick through for me to feel her. I can still feel movement though, and I can feel her kicks and punches when they are lower down, or up high.

At 29 weeks, our baby weighs about 2.5 lbs and is 15 inches long. Her muscles and lungs are continuing to mature and her head is growing to make room for her developing brain.

I now will have my midwife apt every 2 weeks instead of every month which is kinda exciting because it helps to make the time seem like it is going by faster. I need to do my glucose test this week sometime before I midwife apt next week.

19 weeks

Before I get into how everything is going, I just want to tell everyone that we found out on Monday that we're having a BOY!! =oD Mr. CB and I couldn't be happier. You ladies know...with our histories gender doesn't matter in the least; just a healthy baby. Anyway, everything looked good according to both the US tech and my OB. Lil Man weighs 11oz and apparently was feeling happy that morning because he was waving, stretching and being fairly cooperative with the tech. He even had the hiccups a little! I can't wait until we starting picking out names and working on the nursery.

Other than that wonderful news, everything has been going well. Not having any nausea and my sleep has been pretty much nil. I bought a body pillow last weekend because surrounding myself with normal pillows was cutting it. The pillow is super comfortable but I'm a little too tall for it because the middle doesn't line up with by belly right (I'm 5'8") but I'm surviving. I do notice that my ankles are swelling a little bit but I have been on my feet a lot this week with work with our new medical records system. My hair is growing very quickly, and coming out more when I comb it (only in the shower when it's wet because it's so curly) and my acne has gotten better except on the 4 week increments when I would normally be on my period.

I'm feeling Lil Man move around a little more in there, but I'll admit to wanting to be far enough along so that I can feel every movement and have family/friends be able to feel him move as well. I've never been very patient, but I have no choice in this matter.

I know I haven't posted any pictures of myself (ever, I think) and I need to post a pic from the ultrasound, but unfortunately that may have to wait a little bit. We're going to New Jersey tomorrow for my brother's graduation from Coast Guard boot camp. So I'll try to get on here to do that this weekend or early next week.

Talk to you guys next time and thinking about all of you!

The story I'm not ready to tell

I'm sorry guys, I really want to finish my birth story for you.  There was so much crazy, and with 20-20 hindsight, too many regrets.  I wrote some more of it down on paper, but when I get close to the actual events, the fetal fibronectin test, my hospital stay, the late decels, the low heart rates where we thought we were going to lose him, the semi-emergent cesarean, the 3 weeks in the NICU - it just gets to be too much.

Last week I went to the doctor, finally.  After talking for a little while, she diagnosed my with PPD and PTSD.  She gave me recommendations of therapists, but right now no one I've called is accepting new patients.  I hope to come back and tell this story one day.  I feel like I need to.  But right now it just triggers too much anxiety.  I hope you understand.  I wish you all the best.
Teacher Bud.

March 18, 2012

A Little Update

I had some time and thought I would make a quick post. Mr Lucky Bud usually let's me have Thursday evenings to go out and do stuff by myself. I went maternity clothes shopping finally last Thursday. I had a lot of fun. I went to all the department stores, but only really had luck at Motherhood Maternity. It was fun to get a bunch of new clothes.

The boys have had a stomach bug all week, so there have been a lot of long nights and a lot of extra laundry to wash. I am really hoping that the worst is over and that they will be feeling better soon.

We rent out our basement and our tenant moved out today. Mr Lucky Bud and I are keeping busy getting the back yard back into shape and things in the apt ready for the next tenant who will move in on the 1st.

Here is a photo since I didn't take one last week.

28 weeks, 4 days

A bump in the road.

AF finally showed her face Friday afternoon. I've been on Spring Break this past week, and all I've done is wait and pray for her to come. I had three tentative appointments (Monday, Wednesday, & Friday), but I couldn't go to any of them because she hadn't arrived.

I almost cried tears of happiness when I saw red on the toilet paper. I called Mr. Bossy and my mom to tell them the good news. I was so excited to finally get the ball rolling. We had waited 3 months to do our FET. I phoned my nurse and she set me up for a 8:15 appointment on Saturday. I happily set the alarm clock for 6:30 am Friday night (our clinic is an hour away), put out my lucky socks (I'll explain these in another blog), and had my green outfit (Saturday was St. Patty's Day) selected. I was ready. I had to force myself to go to bed Friday night. I felt like a child on Christmas Eve.

Fast forward to Saturday morning. Mr. Bossy and I make the hour's drive to our clinic. We walk in to the clinic where I greet the receptionist with the biggest smile. We take our seats and wait to be called. They called me back for blood work first. Finding a vein in either of my arms is always a challenge for the nurses. I'm not the type that looks away when they insert the needle; I have to look. I don't mind the pinch, and it never really hurts very much. The nurse inserted the needle and MAN, did it hurt! We had to go back to the waiting room and wait to be called back for the ovary check.

The nurse called my name within a few more minutes and we were walking happily toward the examining room. She even commented on my dress, and said that it was the perfect outfit for an ultrasound. She left us in the room to get situated, I put on my socks, and waited on the table. She came back rather quickly and we began the ultrasound. She made a comment that we were looking for a nice thin lining and no cysts. I kept my eyes glued to the screen. Then I heard her say- Ohhh. My heart dropped. It didn't sound good. I looked closer at the screen and saw it. A huge, honker of a cyst. She confirmed it. She said that the doctor on call would have the final decision, but she didn't think we'd be able to proceed with the FET. I had waited 3 months for this? I must be cursed.

Mr. Bossy and I left the clinic and attempted to salvage our day. We shopped a little on the way home. I was in Hobby Lobby (one of my favorite stores!) when the nurse called me with instructions.

The bad news- I wouldn't be able to proceed with the cyst.

The good news- I have to take two more weeks of birth control pills and return on April 2nd to see if the cyst has shrunk. If it has, then I can move forward on the date and I don't have to wait for another period. The nurse also prescribed me some stronger birth control pills.

Mr. Bossy was so sweet. He said if we can wait 3 months, then what's two more weeks?! My mom was also encouraging and called this a "bump in the road." I'm still really disappointed, but I'm trying to look on the bright side. At least, I don't have to wait 3 more months...

Bossy Bud

March 17, 2012

Good news is good news :)

It's been a minute since I've posted... But I have a lot to share :)

For starters, things are progressing well, and with progress came my first ultrasound for Gestational Dating, which took place yesterday (Friday). I cannot even begin to express how thrilled I was to see our little Frijol on the screen :) he/she measures between 7w6d and 8w1d, which is what I predicted, making my Dr. off by a week (since he was going by my LMP and not my actual O date. Also, it proves that FF was off by 2 days for my O... If you look at my chart, you'll see FF put my O on 2/2, but there's another temp drop on 2/4 followed by a subsequent rise. I officially arrived at 8 weeks today, Saturday. My new EDD is 10/27 :) without further adieu, here is our little Frijol...

He/she looked excellent, and the ultrasound tech was very happy with how everything looked. We also got to hear a very strong heartbeat at 178bpm. I am over the moon!!! Can't wait to see our little Baby again on 4/16 for our next ultrasound.

Meanwhile, I have been totally exhausted... All I want to do is sleep! And I get slight moments of queasiness, but not much cookie tossing. I've only had one instance where I woke up at 5 in the morning and had to visit the bathroom to pray to the porcelain Gods. My boobie soreness comes and goes, and I've had these terrible headaches on the right side of my head, but I've had this terrible nasal congestion that is finally is beginning to subside. Other than that, I am as happy as can be :)

Hope to have more info and updates soon :)

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March 15, 2012

28 weeks

I am 28 weeks pregnant today. I had an apt with my midwife. Babies heartbeat was strong at 157. She has turned so she is head down now. I will start having my appointments every other week now instead of once a month. I really couldn't be feeling any better. It was a great week. I didn't have any heartburn, I have tons of energy and get a lot done. I didn't gain any weight this week.

This week our baby is about 2.25 lbs and 14.8 inches head to toe. She can open and close her eyes which now have eyelashes, and she is developing her eyesight. She is also developing billions of neurons in her brain, and is adding more fat in preparation to be born!

Here is the photo of the quilt that I finished a few weeks ago as promised. I used 1" squares and it took me forever to sew together.

I also made another quilt. It is a puff quilt. It was my first one and really fun to make. I still have to sew around the border so that it doesn't scrunch up, and then sew down the binding by hand, but it is close to being done. This quilt is made up of 153 individual 2.5" pillows that I sewed together and then added batting and a minky backing.

March 13, 2012

I Love You Snooki. I Hate You Snooki. I Love You Snooki.

Sorry I havn't posted in a while. I've just been really down lately. There are so many lucky women announcing their pregnancies that it just makes me feel so hopeless. I'm pretty sure I counted 13 women on my FB in the past three months makes their announcements. EVEN FRIGGIN SNOOKI IS KNOCKED UP (for the record, I effing love her)! It's bittersweet. I can't imagine living a life where this wasn't on my mind 24/7.

Don't get me wrong, I am SO happy that these women can experience this joy. But I sometimes imagine what my life would be like if I knew for sure this was never going to happen for me. And to be honest, it really does mess with your will to live. I'm a woman and it's my job to make and raise babies and the thought that this may never happen kills my spirit. But I won't give up....the hope is all I have to hold onto. On paper, it seems I have so many things worked out. My 4 pregnancy losses have been explained (so they say). But then in the back of my mind those aren't concrete answers so I'm left thinking.....what if these reasons weren't what caused them like they think.

My PCOS being discovered gave me hope for a minute. But then it faded because I study my Fertility Friend Chart probably 10X a day. It was my understanding that with PCOS a lot of women don't ovulate. Which is why I thought I wasn't getting KU. But According to my OPK's and several of my charts I do show that I ovulated (temp spike). That then leads me to think that maybe my hormones are saying I ovulated but the egg was never actually released. Then I start thinking, "well maybe it's Mr. BB!" Or maybe it's my CM. Maybe the consistency is off! AHhh what a mess I have going on inside my own mind. I need out.....but a break is not even an option in my world.

So that's where I'm at emotionally. Physically, I'm doing so so. I am currently on my 4th week of Glumetza (Metformin). I am at 1500mg each day and I'm not sure when I will be able to add in another 500mg. Week 1 was fine with 500mg. Then on week 2 I started at 1000mg. That's when I started to get insanely nauseous and my appetite dimished. I got brave 10 days later and started the 1500mg. I still feel nauseous but not as badly as before. I've noticed that about an hour after I eat (no matter what I eat) I feel SO hungry again. WTF?! I thought this was supposed to help me lose weight?! Nothing at all sounds good to eat but then I'm starved at the same time. This is bullshit if ya ask me. I'm hoping it's just a temporary side effect and will go away once I hit 2000mg's a day. We'll see.

Here are some of my other updates:

CD 3-7 I took my fertility med Femara (alternate to Clomid) each day for these 5 days.
CD 8-9 ClearBlue Easy Fertility Monitor stated Low Fertility.
CD 10- ClearBlue Easy Fertility Monitor stated High Fertility. Increase in CM. Did the BD.
CD 11- ClearBlue Easy Fertility Monitor stated High Fertility. Increased CM. Positive OPK.

I feel well beat it AF.....I don't wanna see your ugly mug anymore for a while! However, if that bish does decide to come this month, I have plans to get some PreSeed Sperm Friendly Lubricant. I get SO burnt out on the BD by day2 that my poor vajay get's tired! (LOL...sorry TMI). Maybe then Mr.BB's little swimmers will be more apt to hang around for a longer period of time up there. THEN, in 2 months, if that doesn't work, Mr. BB has to throw in the towel, swallow his pride, and go get tested himself. In the meantime, I will continue to take my synthetic folic acid, 81mg of Asprin, Glumetza, and my NeevoDHA prenatal.

So that's where I'm at and that's our plan Stan. I'll keep everyone updated on this CBEFM and if it matches up with my FF chart.

{Im}patiently Waiting

Period #2 showed up on Feb. 21st. I started BCPs for the FET on the 23rd, and I just took my last one this past Saturday. I had a baseline appointment set for Monday at 9:30 am. Unfortunately, I was unable to go because AF has not shown since I stopped the BCP.

Ugh. The wait is killing me!!

Bossy Bud

March 10, 2012


I'm sorry that I just can't seem to stay on top of my blogging here lately...let's blame it on placenta brain an fatigue.

I'm still waiting for the second trimester to turn into the "honeymoon period." I still get nauseated on occasion when I eat something Baby doesn't agree with. The heartburn has luckily calmed way down. But the fatigue! Man. I find myself snoozing at lunch, passing out when I get home and barely being able to drag myself up from the couch to take a shower and go to bed after I see Mr. CBud off to work at 10! We're transitioning to a new Electronic Medical Record system at work and I'm one of the "super users" so my days and evenings have been filled with a lot of classes and training...not helping the sleepies at all! The instructor sounds like the teacher from Ferris Beuler's Day Off. =o)

Anyway, I'm well into my 17th week and will be greeting the 18th on Wednesday. So far Baby is 4.5-4.75 inches long from crown to rump and weighs about 3.5 ounces. The fingernails are well-formed and Baby is starting to accumulate a little fat. (Awwww....)

I had an appointment w/ the OB last week. Everything went well. BP was 110/70. Weight up 4lb since the last appointment. That puts me at 12lb total. A little much for my liking but I'm trying not to obsess about it. I used to be one of those weigh every day girls (because I worked so hard to lose it all in the first place) but I have happily pushed my scale to the back of the linen closet. I'm not eating bad foods, but my salty-sweet cravings have been kicked into overdrive!

I felt the baby move last week!! I was driving to work listening to my iPod and felt some gas-like pains in my lower left abdomen. I didn't pay much attention to it, but when the urge to relieve myself (hehe) never came, but the movement stayed I was like "Hmmmm..." So I took my iPod out, and payed close attention and thump! The baby whopped me! (duh - not too hard) I attributed it to my ever-tightening scrub pants. But ever since then, I've been feeling those same movements all over my lower abdomen. It makes me smile every time I do.

My next appointment is the 19th...time to find out what we're having! I am SO excited and can't wait. I'm taking off a Friday next month so my mom and I can go to my registry.

Ta for now and I'll be thinking and praying for all of you!

March 8, 2012

27 weeks

I am now 27 weeks. It is the last week of my second trimester!
To recap my pregnancy so far-
The first trimester was really hard. I had a very hard time with my progesterone shots which I took twice a day until I was 13 weeks, and they caused me a lot of muscle pain. I also threw up constantly and never felt very good. I was pretty tiered too. The highlights were finding out I was pregnant after a tough 2ww, a good 6 week ultrasound with a heartbeat and another ultrasound at 9 weeks with a good heartbeat.
The second trimester really couldn't have gone any better. My nausea went away, I stopped all my meds, we found out we are having a girl. I had tons of energy and felt great. We met our embryo donors and their children too and really liked the whole family.  This trimester has gone by so quickly, it is hard to believe I am 27 weeks. I have still been feeling great except for heartburn here and there, but nothing too bad. I am excited to be heading into my third trimester soon, and hope and I keep feeling this great for a while longer. Oh, I believe I am 19.5 lbs over my pre  pregnancy weight. Yikes! Almost 20 lbs!

Our baby is just over 2 lbs and 14 1/2 inches from head to toe. She is now sleeping and waking at regular intervals and can open and close her eyes and may even be sucking her fingers.
I am still going to my yoga class once a week, and Mr. Lucky Bud and I are approaching our 4th Bradley childbirth education class. Both classes are fun and I look forward to them.

7 weeks! :)

I can hardly believe it... I am 7 weeks pregnant (as far as my O date is concerned). I am still in shock :) Baby is about the size of a blueberry now, and growing more and more by the day.

Earlier this week I got a call from my Dr. letting me know that my blood test came back positive, and things looked good, so I am scheduled for my 1st official prenatal visit on Tuesday the 13th. I am looking forward to seeing our little bean and hopefully get a heartbeat too. I'll be 7w5d at that appointment.

As for symptoms, my breasts have still been sore, but bearable. Wearing a sports bra helps. My hair isn't greasy anymore, which is great, but it actually seems a bit dry now, so I have to see about that. I am due for a touch up with my highlights, but I'm waiting until after I talk to my Doc on Tuesday. I've had moments where my tummy has been a bit uneasy, with slight waves of mild nausea, but instead of tossing cookies I've had some morning diarrhea.

I am seriously looking forward toy week off next week... It's Spring Break for our School District, and I couldn't be more thrilled!!!!! Time to catch up on some rest and unpacking more boxes from our move. We only have another 7 months to get our house in order before Baby DBud arrives :)

Will have a better update after my next appointment :) until then!!!

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March 5, 2012

Hormones Rising

I did finally get my blood work done and my estridol and Fee Testosterone levels were still low so I had them put in one more pellet of each to hopefully maintain the higher levels. I do feel better emotionally the past few days which has been nice. I am back to being motivated and alert, so I am hoping that it isn't just the upswing of my emotion cycle!!! Another nice thing is the Dr. put the incision higher up on my butt so when I am bending or sitting or climbing into the 4-runner it doesn't stretch it like the last time.

March 2, 2012

A little update

Just a little update on my Appointment yesterday, as well as something I forgot to mention in the last post...

So, I went to see the Doc yesterday after work. From the moment I arrived, I must say I was impressed. He has a beautiful building which houses his practice, as well as another area he rents out (smart guy). When I arrived inside, I walked into a beautifully decorated but relatively empty waiting room. Besides Mr. DBud and I, there was only one other patient waiting. I started by filling out the required paperwork, and paying my copayment. Within a few minutes, we were called in to get started. Since it was my first time with this Doc, this 1st appointment was mostly a consultation. They took my blood pressure and weight, and I was ushered in another room to await the Doc. He was great! Super sweet guy :) He asked me a few questions, and prescribed me some prenatals (PreQue10). He also gave me a two week sample to start trying out. He ordered some blood work to check my levels, and wanted to see me back in about a week. By then, we should be able to see a little something, and hear a heartbeat <3 My next appointment will take place on 3/13. Hopefully they'll call me back and let me know how the blood work turned out :) In the meantime... We wait!

Anyway, I wanted to mention another strange symptom... The other day, I washed my hair. By the next day, it was oily. This is NOT like my hair at all, since my hair is naturally curly and, therefore, dry. I normally wash it every 4 days or so without it getting gross. This was too weird. I washed it last night, and so far it is not greasy. I wonder if that was just a strange week 5 thing? Oh well...

Until next time :)

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March 1, 2012

Second Trimester Recap

Well, I have one more day in my second trimester, so what better time than the present to give everyone a recap?

My second trimester started out uneventful (besides the pukes that seemed to linger longer than they should have), but has proven to be quite the spectacle.

But I'm going to start things off on a positive note. Here are the things I loved about my second trimester:

1. Being able to eat like a normal human again
2. Actually looking pregnant and not just like I gained some more fluff
3. Not wanting to choke someone because they burnt something in the toaster in our break room
4. I'll be honest here - the attention I got from everyone when I "came out"
5. Finding out I'm having a boy!
6. Feeling the little Dude's kicks for the first time
7. My doctor
8. Hearing the baby's heartbeat on the doppler for the first time

But second tri did not come without problems. Listed below are my issues:

1. High blood pressure. I'm pretty sure this started even before I went to a regular OB. Ever since 12 weeks, I have been about 140/70. Won't go up, won't go down. Minor swelling and no protein in the pee, but now I have to start taking my blood pressure from home two times a day and reporting back to my doctors office. I'm also scheduled for sonograms every six weeks to make sure he is growing correctly. Funny thing? I was always a 120/80 kind of gal. Everything about this pregnancy is stressing me out. Oh, the best part? The 24 urine test I had to do at 16 weeks. It was like pissing in a gasoline container all day.
2. Stretch marks. Seriously? I'm a frickin road map.
3. Fat legs and arms. Hi - why didn't anyone ever tell me that you gain weight EVERYWHERE not just your belly??? On the positive side - I do like my bigger ass.
4. Failing my one hour glucose test. Going back on Wednesday for the 3 hour. Hopefully I pass.

I'll keep everyone update on the blood pressure and glucose issues - cross your fingers and toes for me. See you in the third trimester!

So far so good...

Things have been a bit busy lately. Nothing major to report, except that things seem to be progressing normally.

I am currently 6 weeks exactly, as far as my O date is concerned. My boobies have been KILLING me on a daily basis, so I guess that's good... but best of all...


I am so excited! I have been super excited since making the appointment last week :) I am a litt
le nervous about how things will go, but I am sure everything will be fine... I am staying very positive.

I have been trying to eat well, and for the most part have, so that's a good thing. I just know that I am going to get crap from my Mom this ENTIRE pregnancy! She has ALWAYS been obsessed with my weight (obsessed is an understatement), and since this PCOS business has made me pack on a bit more than I (or anyone) would like, she has been on my case even more. The only bad thing about this is that she starts to stress me out. She ALWAYS (not just now that I am pregnant) interrogates me about what I ate for dinner or lunch, and then gives me crap about it. I had a crazy day yesterday, filled with rehearsals and such (I am doing a show this weekend) so I picked up some McDonald's for Mr. DBud and I. I had a grilled chicken sandwich. She gave me crap for that. I guess I just have to learn to ignore it, and do my best. Other than the fact that I am overweight, I am super healthy - good cholesterol, good sugar, etc. I would like to gain as little as possible, if even anything at all, during this pregnancy. Because of my pre-pregnancy weight, I actually don't have to gain. Eating better (choices) and the same amount of calories or even a little less should be fine. I've actually been stocking up on fruit, veggies, and walnuts (which are said to be great for the Brain). I have been drinking milk, and having cereal. I have also been cooking at home as much as I can. I know my Mom only does it cause she worries about me... but she doesn't realize that she stresses me out in a bad way, even when she doesn't mean to.

Anyway, let's see what the Dr. says about my weight and varicose veins (I have had them since I was like 12 - runs in the family). I also hope that we can see our little Frijol! Or at least hear a heartbeat... after what we went through last year, I know it will be a HUGE relief to know the heart is beating. Even though I am staying EXTREMELY positive... I am still cautiously optimistic. I guess that's the normal way to be after a MC.

As far as other symptoms... Peeing (a lot) even when I haven't had much to drink, tired/sleepy especially in the afternoons, sore boobies, and a little bloating.

Hope to have a great update after seeing the Dr :) Keep us in your T&P!


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