October 19, 2014

It's been a while...

A really LONG while... But, I wanted to come around and let the readers and any other Buds who still linger, know that we are expecting again :)

I'll be 16 weeks on Monday, and it looks like we may be having another boy. Need to confirm at the official anatomy scan on the 29th.

Hope everyone is doing well. Miss my Buds!

- Diva Bud

January 29, 2013

Baby Bossy's Birth Story Part II

The nurses quickly prepared for surgery.  My nurse, Kim, was fabulous.  I remember she kept calling me Baby Girl!  To be honest- the evening is basically a blur for me, but I do remember the important stuff! :)

They wheeled me into the operating room.  I had a curtain over me, so I was unable to see a thing.  The anesthesiologist stood behind the curtain with me (near my head) and talked to me the entire time.  He was such a sweet man.  Mr. Bossy was allowed in after I received my epidural.  I remember him having his phone out for most of the c-section, but I just figured he was taking lots of pictures.  Come to find out-  he recorded the entire thing!!

Baby Bossy was born at 7:59 p.m.  They whisked him away to clean him up and check his vitals.  From watching television shows and movies, I always thought babies came out screaming their heads off.  Not mine!  I asked the nurses and my doctor if everything was alright.  They acted like it was normal that he hadn't cried.  In fact, they said he was asleep the entire time!  Mr. Bossy brought our baby to me soon after.  I remember looking at him and feeling so much love, but also SO upset that I couldn't hold him quite yet.  It felt like forever for the staff to close me up, but I eventually was wheeled into recovery.

My parents and MIL came in soon after to say hello and see their new grandbaby.  They left after a little bit so that I could nurse him in privacy.  I remember I still couldn't stop shaking.  The nurses explained that it was a side effect of the drugs I was given.  I wasn't cold-  I was just shaky!  Complete exhaustion started to kick in (Hey-  I had worked that day too!).  I remember they wheeled me into my room after a while.  Mr. Bossy's recliner in the room pulled out into a bed and we both soon snoring away. 

The next morning and day, we had lots of visitors.  I was still in labor and delivery due to some medications they had me on because of the c-section.  I had to be off of them for 24 hours before they would move me to mother/baby.  Baby Bossy was also in the NICU but doing well.  I was later moved to mother/baby and Baby Bossy left the NICU a healthy baby boy.

I spent two more days in mother/baby before they released us to go home.  I can happily say that Baby Bossy is 8 weeks old and absolutely healthy!  You would never know that he was born 5 weeks early.  He's the love of our lives. 

This is the end of the road for my story.  I've enjoyed the past year that I've spent sharing my journey on Bloomin' Babies.  I hope for nothing but the best for all of our readers- especially Explorer Bud! 

I'll leave you with a couple of pictures of  Baby Bossy- or Liam as we call him. :)


Bossy Bud

January 15, 2013

Gender Reveal

Mr. Explorer Bud and I had our 20 week ultrasound and are excited to announce what we are having........
The little guy looked great in the ultrasound and was very calm. He is measuring a week ahead and all his organs and measurements look good. As for other pregnancy related things, I think I have finally started to feel the little guy moving around the past two days which is really fun. It kinda feels like sideways bubbles moving around my stomach!! Last week we started our Hypnobabies class and have been enjoying that and doing lots and lots of practice my self-hypnosis. I have been feeling great and am working on eating healthy to prepare for a good labor!!!

January 1, 2013

Christmas Came Early!

I've been "off the grid" for the past month, and I have a really good excuse!  Baby Bossy Bud arrived one month early on December 3rd at 7:59 pm.

Let me explain what happened......

I went in for a routine doctor's appointment after work on Monday, December 3rd.  I gave my urine sample and waited to be called back to see my OB.  I saw the nurse first who weighed me (+ 5 pounds in two weeks) and took my blood pressure.  She commented that my blood pressure was a little higher than they liked to see.  She said that my doctor was probably going to admit me that afternoon.  Wrong thing to say to a pregnant woman who thinks she has 5 more weeks!  Mr. Bossy was at work, and I was alone at this appointment.  Tears started streaming down my face.  I was scared out of my mind.

My OB came in and discussed a few routine things with me.  Then she confirmed that she was admitting me to the hospital.  I was to drive straight there.  She explained that I possibly had pre-eclampsia.  She was ordering tests be done when I arrived, and she would come later to make the decision if our bundle was going to be born that night.  I left the clinic in tears and phoned Mr. Bossy with shaking hands.  He left work immediately to meet me at the hospital.  I called my mom next, but couldn't reach her.  Dad was next on my list.  Once I explained to him what was happening, he said that he would get in touch with my mom.

The nurses at the hospital assigned me my room, and I was instructed to get into a hospital gown.  They hooked me up to some machines and began monitoring Baby Bossy's heartbeat.  Mr. Bossy and my parents arrived right after me.  I was so scared; I couldn't stop shaking.  The nurses were fabulous, though.  They took great care of me and assured me that everything was going to be fine.  Blood was drawn to determine if I did indeed have pre-eclampsia.  I was told that we were waiting for one specific test result to decide if Baby Bossy would in fact be a December baby. 

My doctor arrived about an hour and half after I did.  She walked into my room and explained that she had my test results.  I had pre-eclampsia, and Baby Bossy was going to arrive via c-section within the next hour.

To be continued........

Bossy Bud

December 20, 2012

Pregnancy Announcement

We got our Christmas Pictures done and are doing our pregnancy announcement through those. It snowed the day before and day of so there was lots of fluffy snow for the pictures. I am 16 weeks and things are going well. I am feeling great and am sleeping better and having more energy. I now need to get my rear in gear and make it to the gym to keep up my fitness level. I just have been trying to get Christmas shopping, cards and neighbor gifts finished so I will probably just wait till after Christmas to go to the gym! Hope all you have a Merry Christmas and wonderful New Year!!

December 6, 2012

14 Weeks

I am in the second trimester, which seems just as surreal as this whole pregnancy has felt so far!! Mr. EB and I have been taking weekly pictures from 13 weeks on, better late than never, and that seems to help me feel like I am pregnant. I have picked a midwife whom I click with and I have my first appointment tomorrow afternoon that I am excited to hear the heartbeat. Today there was a warehouse sale for Lilac Clothing, a maternity clothing line, that I drug my mom to so I could get some cheap pants and shirts that I think will get me through the pregnancy. I hate shopping so doing so among buckets of clothing and things not in order doesn't make for a confident shopper. Luckily I knew what size pants I should get but wasn't too sure on the tops, they will at least fit me at the moment! I think I am mostly over morning sickness but have had a few throw-up days in the past two weeks. I got the flu and couldn't keep anything down but I am on the up from that as well. Oh and I went to the Endocrinologist yesterday and had my Thyroid checked and they called to let me know everything looks good and to retest in 6 weeks. So all is well here and I am enjoying the journey!!

November 21, 2012

Officially Off Progesterone Shots

Monday I went in to test my progesterone levels at the Dr.'s office and they came back at 45.6 which is great. That was after 4 days of not taking any shots and 1/2 cc for a week prior to that. I was soo happy to be officially done and now I am officially released from the IVF Dr. and can focus on finding a midwife. I interviewed one midwife and I really liked her personality, philosophies and her emergency plan with back up doctors. I have three more to interview and then I will decide. I have been feeling less nauseous lately but today I threw up twice soo I am hoping soon we will be done with morning sickness!! 12 Weeks this week oh yeah!!

November 18, 2012


I'm still pluggin' along.....  becoming more and more uncomfortable as the days go by!  This is what we want, though, and Mr. Bossy has been amazing throughout it all.  He does so much for me without complaining- I really have no room to complain. :)

Baby Bossy's nursery is almost finished.  Waiting on a couple more finishing touches, and I will post pictures.  I had my friends & family shower last weekend, and it was a lot of fun.  The theme was "Little Man" and my friends & mom did an amazing job.  I received lots of gifts for Baby Bossy.  We are most definitely blessed.

At my last sonogram appointment, my doctor mentioned that Baby Bossy was already almost 4 pounds (putting him in the 80th percentile).  She said that he gets too big, I'll need to have a cesarean.  That didn't make me very happy, but I'll do whatever needs to be done to ensure the safety/health of my child and myself.  We're scheduling another sonogram at 36 weeks (3 more weeks).  Hopefully, he'll have slowed down with his weight gain, but I'm not holding my breath!

Bossy Bud

November 12, 2012

11 Weeks

I am on 1/2 cc of PIO through Wednesday and then I will go and get my progesterone levels retested to make sure I can go completely off of those darn shots!! Mr. Explorer Bud is an excellent shot giver and can find the non lumpy spots which is a big relief at this point when there isn't a lot of non knotted areas to choose from. The nausea is subsiding I think but my sleep schedule is all out of control! I wake up around 1-3 am and then can't fall back asleep until 6 am when I have to get up for work. I have tried taking Unisom and Benadryl which usually knock me out cold but I still wake up regardless!! So I am a bit sleepy but otherwise feeling decent.

November 8, 2012

Second Ultrasound

So I got back from Thailand yesterday evening and scheduled my ultrasound for 9 am the next morning, can you say I was a bit anxious?! Everything looked great the baby is measuring at 10 wks 6 days and I am 10 wks 4 days so that is good. The heart beat is 158 bpm and was moving all around!! The Dr. was nice in spending a lot of time showing us all the arms, legs, feet, different angles and chatting about the baby. Mr. Explorer Bud and I were thrilled of course. I was really nervous that there wouldn't be a heartbeat just because there is a chance that happens and I really haven't had very much in the way of symptoms. Now I can just relax, enjoy being pregnant and start planning for this baby. I need to decide if I will go with a midwife and if so who and where I plan on having the baby. Oh and I can start to think about where to put the baby's room and all that fun stuff!! I am soo happy that things are going well and I get to go off Progesterone in a week. I drop my dosage down to .5 cc's and then we will retest to make sure I am still high enough. Here is the ultrasound pictures

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