December 6, 2012

14 Weeks

I am in the second trimester, which seems just as surreal as this whole pregnancy has felt so far!! Mr. EB and I have been taking weekly pictures from 13 weeks on, better late than never, and that seems to help me feel like I am pregnant. I have picked a midwife whom I click with and I have my first appointment tomorrow afternoon that I am excited to hear the heartbeat. Today there was a warehouse sale for Lilac Clothing, a maternity clothing line, that I drug my mom to so I could get some cheap pants and shirts that I think will get me through the pregnancy. I hate shopping so doing so among buckets of clothing and things not in order doesn't make for a confident shopper. Luckily I knew what size pants I should get but wasn't too sure on the tops, they will at least fit me at the moment! I think I am mostly over morning sickness but have had a few throw-up days in the past two weeks. I got the flu and couldn't keep anything down but I am on the up from that as well. Oh and I went to the Endocrinologist yesterday and had my Thyroid checked and they called to let me know everything looks good and to retest in 6 weeks. So all is well here and I am enjoying the journey!!



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