July 28, 2008

Reviews & PR

Hosting giveaways and product reviews can be a great way for you to promote your product or business.  If you think your product or business is related to the content of our blog or would benefit our readers in some way, and would like for one of the Buds to review your product and/or you would like to host a giveaway on Bloomin' Babies, then please contact us at bloominbabiesinfo@gmail.com.  In general, giveaways will run for one week before a winner is selected and we will run no more than one review/giveaway per week in order to keep the blog content based.

Giveaways:  Giveaways generally run one week long and we are open to your suggestions on what entries will be included in your product/business' giveaway. All sponsors who host giveaways will have the option to have their button/logo (must be HTML coded) posted in the Bloomin' Buddies section of the blog for three months free of charge.

Reviews:  None of the Buds will review a product that we haven't personally used.  Several of the Buds have agreed to participate in product/business reviews. Unless otherwise specified, your review will be conducted by one of the Buds by a random drawing; if you would like for a specific Bud to review your product, then please specify that in your initial contact to Bloomin' Babies. However, all review/giveaway requests must initially come to bloominbabiesinfo@gmail.com. Write ups will be completely the reviewer's personal opinions.  If Buds have negative feedback for a product, then the Bud will not write up the review and we will notify you regarding the Bud's feedback.

To see our previous reviewsgiveaways, click on the corresponding links. Thanks for your interest & we hope to hear from you soon!

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