January 29, 2013

Baby Bossy's Birth Story Part II

The nurses quickly prepared for surgery.  My nurse, Kim, was fabulous.  I remember she kept calling me Baby Girl!  To be honest- the evening is basically a blur for me, but I do remember the important stuff! :)

They wheeled me into the operating room.  I had a curtain over me, so I was unable to see a thing.  The anesthesiologist stood behind the curtain with me (near my head) and talked to me the entire time.  He was such a sweet man.  Mr. Bossy was allowed in after I received my epidural.  I remember him having his phone out for most of the c-section, but I just figured he was taking lots of pictures.  Come to find out-  he recorded the entire thing!!

Baby Bossy was born at 7:59 p.m.  They whisked him away to clean him up and check his vitals.  From watching television shows and movies, I always thought babies came out screaming their heads off.  Not mine!  I asked the nurses and my doctor if everything was alright.  They acted like it was normal that he hadn't cried.  In fact, they said he was asleep the entire time!  Mr. Bossy brought our baby to me soon after.  I remember looking at him and feeling so much love, but also SO upset that I couldn't hold him quite yet.  It felt like forever for the staff to close me up, but I eventually was wheeled into recovery.

My parents and MIL came in soon after to say hello and see their new grandbaby.  They left after a little bit so that I could nurse him in privacy.  I remember I still couldn't stop shaking.  The nurses explained that it was a side effect of the drugs I was given.  I wasn't cold-  I was just shaky!  Complete exhaustion started to kick in (Hey-  I had worked that day too!).  I remember they wheeled me into my room after a while.  Mr. Bossy's recliner in the room pulled out into a bed and we both soon snoring away. 

The next morning and day, we had lots of visitors.  I was still in labor and delivery due to some medications they had me on because of the c-section.  I had to be off of them for 24 hours before they would move me to mother/baby.  Baby Bossy was also in the NICU but doing well.  I was later moved to mother/baby and Baby Bossy left the NICU a healthy baby boy.

I spent two more days in mother/baby before they released us to go home.  I can happily say that Baby Bossy is 8 weeks old and absolutely healthy!  You would never know that he was born 5 weeks early.  He's the love of our lives. 

This is the end of the road for my story.  I've enjoyed the past year that I've spent sharing my journey on Bloomin' Babies.  I hope for nothing but the best for all of our readers- especially Explorer Bud! 

I'll leave you with a couple of pictures of  Baby Bossy- or Liam as we call him. :)


Bossy Bud


Explorer Bud said...

He is darling and I am glad that everything ended up well and he is a happy, healthy boy!!!

Diva Bud said...

Beautiful!!! So happy for you, and so glad that everything turned out well. Wishing you and your family nothing but the best in years to come!!! <3

Unknown said...

Congratulations, he really is a handsome little feller. We are still in the middle of TTC working with Santa Monica Fertility in hopes to finally have our own little one.


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